ATM One-Click Trader Limited Offer

Looking for a NinjaTrader 8 tool to place orders more quickly without losing focus on the current price action?


  • Allows the trader to bypass the NinjaTrader 8 ChartTrader menu to place orders directly on the chart or now, with a button-click at a given tick offset to the last or bidask price.
  • Operates as an indicator so it can be used with the built-in Chart Trader where you specify your own custom ATM strategies.
  • Automatically detects whether the chart cross-hair is above or below the current price to apply the proper buy or sell order as defined by the user.
  • Supports Stop-Market, Stop-Limit, Limit, and MIT orders.
  • Supports One-Cancels-Other (OCO) functionality to combine breakout entry orders (e.g. Stop Market, Stop Limit) or pull-back entry orders (e.g., Limit, MIT).
  • Selectable action-keys to activate one-click trading. (e.g., Alt-Only or Shift-Cntl-Alt)
  • Can be used on Sim, Market Replay and Live accounts with most any other indicator.


  • Allows the trader to stay focused on price action without distracting pop-up menus.
  • Improves the execution speed of placing orders where extra clicks and delayed order placement can be detrimental.
  • Retain full use of the Chart Trader functionality.

Demo Video – Click Full Screen for Best Viewing


  • NinjaTrader 8 Version 23.2 or later
  • Must be comfortable setting up your own ATM strategies on the NinjaTrader 8 ChartTrader.
  • Preferred broker is NinjaTrader Brokerage for live and simulated usage and Kinetick for sim-only usage if only a datafeed is available.
  • Apple devices using Windows VMs are not supported.

Terms of Use

  • The terms of the lease are governed by the End-User License Agreement (EULA).  Click here to view.
  • Unless otherwise expressly permitted, this indicator is for the sole use of the named licensed user for up to two devices (e.g., desktop or laptop computers).
  • Please review the disclaimers at the bottom of the page.


“Just wanted to drop this note to let you know how much I’m enjoying–and how impressed I am–using the newest V06 beta version of the ATMOneClickTrader.  It’s nothing short of awesome.  I’m essentially a pure scalper, only looking for a handful of ticks per trade but placing a lot of trades throughout the day.  The OneClickTrader enables me to skip in and out and provides the opportunity to place specific, precise orders with the ability to modify my position parameters with literally drag and drop ease, enabling me to modify my parameters on the spot.  My success rate has increased by over five percentage points since I started using it. Thanks for the continued work on the indicator… for guys like me who don’t know coding from a hole in the ground, it’s greatly appreciated!!” T.S. 5/5/20

I wanted to provide a brief feedback on the ATM One-Click Trader. For the specific trades that I place, speed is very important (as well as execution accuracy), and there were several trades historically which I was not able to take advantage of because I wasn’t quick enough. This particular tool simplifies order placement, and has parallelized the Ninja Trader order mechanisms where I do not need to think, but can simply select whether I wish to be long or short, and then focus on executing the trade. I do recommend the tool if order speed is something of a concern, and I am using it in live performance. Good trades to you!” E.J. 11/4/20

“I just set it up and made my first trade using it. Flawless! Every bit as good as I expected. I’m glad I got in at the beta price, but even I hadn’t this tool is going to pay for itself very quickly. Once you get the offsets dialed in and learn how to use the buttons for whatever strategy your using, you can make your entries very precise. I’ve been using the directional buy/sell buttons with a one-tick offset and just click when the signal bar closes. No more missed trades! Outstanding tool! You really made Chart Trader do what it should do by default, imo.” H.M. 2/28/21

I recently got this add-on as well and I have to say that I’m super happy with it! Can definitely recommend it. On those volatile days we have had it’s easy to miss a trade with a stop order and before you have a limit order in place prices have already left without you.. This was the biggest reason for me to look for an add-on like this – now with only one click, the add-on will handle this for me (primarily place a stop order and secondary a limit order). Also, the way I used to do it was to issue a stop order and place it far away from the current price, to have it ready and available on the chart, then just drag it into place when it’s time to enter. This is quite risky since prices can just burst and make a big jump without any warning, those big jumps are pretty rare but it anyway happened about 2 times over the last year that my pending stop order was triggered, and when that happens it can cost quite a lot… Happy trading!” T.H. 3/22/21

I just wanted to take a moment and give you some feedback. I purchased your indicator a month ago. Simply put, I absolutely love it. This is just a thank you! I haven’t noticed any issues with the add-on and your video explained the features well. I also appreciate the warning of overtrading because you are spot on with this making it very easy to get in a trade. Also, the price for what I consider great value is beyond reasonable. Thanks again.” I.M. 3/30/21


  • Whitmark Development and its principal developer is an independent vendor developing solutions exclusive to the NinjaTrader platform since 2005.
  • Please send any inquiries to


  • The planned lifetime lease cost of the wdcATMOneClickTrader indicator is $179 ($20 discount) for two devices used by a sole leaseholder. All lease sales are final.
  • Licensing for this product is managed by the NinjaTrader License Management system that requires your Machine Id.
  • Please enter the FIRST 4 CHARACTERS of your 32-digit Machine Id for up to two devices in the slots provided below. See the image below for how to access your Machine Id from NinjaTrader 8.
  • You may purchase a lifetime lease below via PayPal account or debit/credit card:
    • Once purchased, please allow up to 24 hours to receive a download link and additional operating instructions via email.
    • Please make sure you include your email address when checking out.

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